The WSA Tour Information

This free, self-guided, West Side adventure will lead visitors to your unique studio space situated within West Seattle, Burien, or White Center. This tour is about the artists, seeing where they create, and showcasing the West Side neighborhoods.

The tour is small and hopes to stay that way. Personal organization, easy to navigate for visitors, high caliber art, eclectic yet professional spaces, & welcoming hosts! While being all of these things, the tour relies on the participating artists to help promote and build energy to keep costs down.

Location: Most of West Seattle, White Center and Burien. 

Size: Ideally the tour will grow to a juried group of ten stops. Each stop is hosted within a working artists’ studio space. The juried hosts are each responsible for inviting two artists to show at their space.

Do you want to be a host?
To find out more about the requirements of hosting click here.

Guide to Participation:
To find out more about participating as a guest artists (non-host) please follow this link.

Tips for Promoting the Tour:
Get in sink with us as we share the story of participating artists! Click here for our promotion calendar and join in!