Rickie Wolfe

Rickie Wolfe
Rickie Wolfe

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Artist Statement: 

My work is rooted in process and the investigation of structure. The wall mounted sculptures reference calligraphy, hives, and unearthed treasures. I know the metal skeleton is fully realized when I recognize a balance between buoyancy and weight. I am drawn to the tension between the raw metal and the delicate elements; fragile yet strong. Using fibers and paper is significant to my work as it call upon my roots as a printmaker.


Rickie Wolfe lives, works, and teaches in Seattle Washington where she has a studio practice in printmaking, sculpture, and painting. She received her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts. She is the coordinator for the print department at Pratt Fine Arts Center where she also teaches. Her work can be seen at rickiewolfe.com.