Deborah Schwartzkopf

Deb schwartzkopf

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.  From 1999-2009 I traveled and moved extensively for school, artist residencies and teaching appointments.  I bought a house and studio space in 2013 in Seattle, and since then have been doing building projects galore to create a beautiful, functional space to make my pottery in.  Myself, studio assistants, studio members who rent space, and people participating in classes all work in clay here.  Together, we keep the wheels turning! 

In order to make pottery I must approach the clay with openness and practiced skill, with a clear idea and playful intuition.  My studio practice is a constant cycle of problem solving technique and distilling inspirations from the world around me. As I spend hours in my studio working away, my mind blends and refracts the interests I research and the circling, recurring questions.  I love the stillness and intensity of my studio practice in which I am free to listen, to move clay, to invent… I am fulfilled building my community through teaching workshops, trading eggs with neighbors, and spending time with friends and family. I am busy like a bee tending to the details of life, keeping up with my many hobbies, keeping my studio practice vibrate, promoting my career, mentoring in the studio, gardening and occasionally tinking away on my banjo. This constant motion feeds my energy and excitement for life, which I strive to capture in the forms and surfaces of my pottery. Deb