Participating Artist Requirements

Thank you for joining West Side Artists Studio Tour!

Please complete the list below in order to hold your place as a participant on the tour.
(When paying your fee you will be prompted to give the following list of promotional items.  Have them ready in a word document, and simply cut & paste the required items into the fields on the checkout page.)

Participation for Hosted Artists in Three Steps:
1.) Offer your $50 participation fee (Clink on Yellow text for link.)
2.) Fill out information gathering form (Click on Yellow text - Prep on a word doc so you can cut and paste it into the form…)
3.) Send images to (See image specs below)

Requested Content via the Website Form
These will be posted on the website
* FB and Instagram - Cut and paste hyperlinks
* Website URL - Cut and paste hyperlink
* Short Artist Bio: 3-5 sentences
* Short Artist Statement: 3-7 sentences

Image Specs:
1- Long horizontal format for the front page
1- Square image of you working
1- Square image of your current finished work
1- Square image of your current work in process

We are so excited to have you aboard!

Join the West Side Artists Studio Tour!

Participating Artists Will:
Pay $50 to the WSA for website/ promotional/ organizational costs
Give 15% of sales to their host (taken at central checkout)
Link to the WSA website on their personal website
Help promote the tour professionally on their social media platforms
Help promote the tour through your personal newsletter
Talk up the tour!

Receive inclusion in a well organized, juried artist studio tour
Receive placement on the WSA Website
Receive promotion on the WSA Instagram and FB
Receive promotion via the WSA printed card
Receive Promotion via their hosts newsletter, social media and website

Artists are asked to be present for the entire sale, both days
Professionally represent the tour in person and through promotional efforts
Maintain an excellent quality within the work they choose to sell