Encaustic by Stephanie Hargrave

Encaustic by Stephanie Hargrave

The West Side Artists' Studio Tour began as a late night conversation between Deb Schwartzkopf, Loren Lukens, and Diane Culhane. They were passing time during a gallery art walk by sharing stories and ideas.  Their excitement grew as they posed questions and collaborated on answers about connecting artists with their local community, showcasing local artists work, and having fun working on a project together! 

Their ideas sprouted wings. They wondered . . .  "What if we started a West Side Artists Studio Tour?!" They were sparked by shared enthusiasm and wanted to create a way for people to meet the art and its makers, within neighborhood studios of close proximity.

And then the wings took flight, as these three artists envisioned a juried show that provided an awesome opportunity to build relationships between local artists and the neighborhood community- where collecting art became a gift for all to enjoy.

From the love of making art, this invitation extends to you to be part of this story.
Grow with us in momentum of building the excitement, of connecting through the arts.

Neighborhood + Artists + Art = Joy

In Gratitude,
Founding Members: Deb Schwartzkopf, Loren Lukens, and Diane Culhane

Tour Dates & Times

Saturday, October 5th, 10am-5pm
Sunday, October 6th, 11am-3pm

Participant Information: (Link):

If you are interested in being a stop on the tour, this link is for you…

Participating Artists:
Participating artists are invited by hosts. Read more for details on how it all works.

Promoting the Tour:
As a participant, each person helps promote and grow the tour. Here is are a few tips!